Oct 302011
Second Weekend!

Just a disclaimer.. I’m quite drunk while typing this.. so please forgive any ‘creative’ thoughts that pop up. Spelling/grammar mistakes, you can put down to the fact that it’s 2 in the morning. So earlier today, I got a text from Gibs asking me if I’d like to go to concert tonight. Apparently, he had [...]

Oct 292011

Just a little aside with an interesting moral at the end. And by ‘little’, I mean’lomg and rambling’. Anyone who’s sat through my Etisalat rant of Summer ’10 knows what they’re in for. You’ve been warned So I arrived at the apartment last Thursday. One of the things I’d made sure of before leaving Dubai [...]

Oct 282011

As this post is going to fill you guys in past my first weekend, it’ll probably going to be my last ‘big’ update. From this point on, I imagine my posts will be smaller, with specific events and so on. Onward. So, jet lagged as I was, I was up really early on Saturday.  The day before, [...]


Up at 6:30 (hurray for jetlag!), I made myself an omelette (the guys who own the apartment left me a dozen eggs) and realized there was no coffee in the apartment. After getting the panic attack under control, I got myself ready for work. The office is about 20 minutes away from here on the [...]

Oct 282011

There isn’t much to write about the flight itself. It was the first time I’d properly flown Business Class, so that was pretty great. The seats were a lot more comfortable than what I’m used to, obviously, and the food was pretty fancy. The flight staff was really friendly, which was a nice bonus. Most [...]


So I’ve finally gotten settled in enough to start this blog. My plan is to have this be an easy way for me to keep in touch with everyone and let you all know what’s going on with me. The first few posts will be more of catch-up. What’s happened so far and so on. [...]