So, I was completely wrong. The apartment was actually really nice.. and with the price point as it was, I’m pretty sure I’m going to take it!

Actually, I’ve already committed. I’ve sent in an application and everything, and will be dropping off a check tomorrow morning. Now, basically, it’s up to the landlord to accept or reject me (which is a possibility because I have 0 credit history here).

Will update with details later, but I really need to get some work done ;)


I know I’ve been bad about updating this blog recently, but trust me when I say, things have been a bit hectic over here. I haven’t really been doing much recently aside from working. Come the end of the day, sitting at the computer and typing out a blog post is literally the last thing on my mind.

Apologies. I’ll try and do better.

I’ve been fighting the flu for three days now. I had to call in sick on Monday because I couldn’t really move but I’ve been doing a bit better since then. Advil Cold & Sinus is still the best pill ever invented*.

I got my checkbook yesterday, and I’ve now gone into hyper apartment-hunting mode. This is not fun when sick, but I don’t really have much of a choice. December is coming up fast, and the last two weeks will be impossible, as everyone will have gone off for the holidays. This gives me two weeks to find a place and finalize things. I’ve started looking a little further from the office than I’d originally liked, in a place called Brookline. I had a long conversation with a bartender on Sunday, and she described the place in pretty positive terms (she lives there). I passed the information along, and my temporary roommate has seen a couple of places there. Yesterday, he got back and announced that he’d found his new home. Note that this guy is as picky as I am. He’s seen a few places in the South End and turned them down flat out.

Good sign.

This gives me a chance to talk a little bit about some of the neighborhoods in this city.

Brookline is, like every little neighborhood in Boston, considered a separate town. It’s about a 30-40 minute train ride to the office, which is longer than I’d like, but it gives me a chance to finally catch up on my reading. The neighborhood is supposed to be very green, with a lot of ‘young professionals’, so I’d imagine the night-life and music scene should be pretty good.

I’ve already expressed interest to a few realtors, and am just waiting to hear back from them. In the meanwhile, I’m going to see a place (in about 10 minutes!) on Newbury street.

Newbury is in the Back Bay, a high-rise part of town (only about 10 minutes from where I am right now). The Back Bay is considered one of the higher-end parts of town, with several high-rise towers, and quite a few streets with nice family houses. Newbury street itself is one of the nightlife hotspots of Boston, catering  to the higher end of things. Tons of restaurants and bars, separated by small fashion boutiques, etc. Totally perfect ;)

On the pro side, the apartment I’m going to see is halfway between here and the office. It’s only about two blocks away from the Common, which makes it about a 15 minute walk (or 5 minute bike ride) to my office. I honestly don’t know if I’d ever use the trains if I moved there.

On the con side, I’m willing to bet that, at the rent it’s being offered at, this apartment is going to be either tiny, or rat-infested :D I’ll update you all once I get back.

Start the two week timer folks. I gotta have a place by the end of it!


*As an aside, does anyone else wonder why they make Advil so tasty? Why would you cover a pill in a sugar coating, and then say “take only two at a time”? If you want me to only take two at a time, then don’t make the pills delicious.